Bench-to-Enterprise Mass Spectrometry Software for Biotherapeutic Analysis
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Our Product Promise
  • Quality of Results
  • Intuitive Usability
  • Vendor Neutral Solutions
  • Fast Workflow Automation
  • Cost and Time Savings
  • Compliant Ready

We offer the most accurate analysis of your mass spec data, quantifying species down to trace amounts. Our software is powered by unique algorithms that help researchers minimize ambiguity, achieve reproducibility, and eliminate lab-to-lab variability.

We want protein researchers to enjoy their science, not be frustrated by their software. We’ve created a clean, clear, and easy user interface that gives analysts access to all the tools and data needed for rapid, confident mass spec data analysis. Our customers easily create and export formatted reports into electronic notebooks and data repositories, or for regulatory filings.

Protein Metrics software products work consistently on all major commercially available mass spectrometry platforms. If your lab has instruments from multiple vendors, you can gain clear, consistent results with our software, and your analysts can select the best instrument for the analysis at hand.

We help labs work to their fullest potential by using Protein Metrics software to take advantage of automated data analysis. With our automated workflows researchers can queue many samples, process all of them consistently in a hands-free manner, and create ready-to-deliver reports based on user-defined templates. Such automation allows labs to analyze and report a much broader array of proteins much earlier.

Are you continuously asked to do more with less? Needing more data for decisions or reporting doesn’t have to mean needing more FTEs or more time for analysis or report formatting. We create faster and more thorough analytical workflows that capture all of the most important information about your protein. With our workflows and reporting, scientists save time, and labs save money.

All the tools and expertise to assist you in meeting your compliance requirements. Granular audit trails to track all activity combined with your SOPs to address constantly evolving regulatory challenges.