Byos® Desktop Software
Comprehensive Protein Characterization and Quantification
Vendor Neutral Software Built for Scientists

Intuitive instrument agnostic protein characterization software allows you to process and directly compare mass spec data from different spectrometers.

A clean, clear user interface provides access to all the tools and data needed for rapid, confident analysis so you can enjoy your science and not be frustrated by software.

Comprehensive Analysis and Reporting

Fast, thorough analytical workflows fully automate the mass spec analysis pipeline and capture the most important information about your protein.

Ensure consistency and reproducibility with templated reporting to easily create and export formatted reports.

Proteomics Software That Powers Your Growth

Protein Metrics supports protein characterization across the entire product development process.

Add Byos capabilities depending on your research priorities or upgrade to Byosphere for enterprise level analysis, reporting and collaboration.

Launch Mass Spec Analytical Workflows With One Click
Automated workflows queue multiple samples, process them consistently in a hands-free manner, and create ready-to-deliver reports based on user-defined templates.

Intact Mass Analysis

The Intact Mass™ workflow provides automatic MS/MS spectral annotation, MS level deconvolution, and identification, decreasing the time required for data analysis over traditional bottom-up approaches.

Peptide-Level Analysis

Identification of proteins and modified peptides in complex samples. Dramatically reduce analysis time for peptide centric workflows

Chromatogram Analysis

Align and compare multiple peptide maps to an annotated reference map.
Streamline chromatogram comparison with tools including chromatogram alignment, tracking and quantification of individual peaks and automated report generation.

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“Protein Metrics software is a powerful tool for analyzing glycosylation and other PTMS. Their software greatly alleviates the mass spec analysis bottleneck.”

Wilson Phung Scientific Researcher, Genentech

“This is the workflow/software that I have been wanting for over a decade. I just completed a large comparability study for a glycoprotein that has both N-linked and O-linked glycosylation. Compared to what my workflow used to be with the software my MS vendor sold, the process with Byonic™, Byologic®, and ByoMap™ was much more efficient and straightforward. Byologic gives the user ready access to all pertinent information for each peptide, and ByoMap helps me generate informative comparability chromatograms very quickly. Also, in a project like this, I spend a great deal of time writing reports for people who are not necessarily MS-savvy. Once I learned how to use and customize reports in Byologic and ByoMap, that process was streamlined as well.”

Kevin Van Cott, Ph.D. Associate Professor, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

“With Byologic® I replaced six different analytical LC/MS Peptide map methods (six analysts doing six methods) with one MS method. We transferred it to the High Throughput Screening group. They can run that one method faster than it used to take one analyst to run an individual method, and we can generate and ask questions much more quickly.

Using Protein Metrics software, we can also run cell-culture samples directly in days. Prior to implementing their software, it took us six months to send samples to purification and then analyze them.”

Matt Traylor, Ph.D. Associate Director, Analytical Development, Takeda

“I really like the Protein Metrics software. It helped us to make advances that we may not have been able to with other software. It identified protein impurities that we couldn’t make with other software. I was impressed with the auto reporting features and search engine. We realized cost savings and were able to reallocate resources. We can now get deeper into our to data to find what we’re looking for. The people are really great to deal with – Eric and the team – fantastic, we get a very good response from them.”

Mimi Roy, Ph.D. Sr. Director, Analytical DevelopmentAmerican biotech focused on enzyme replacement therapies

“Our mission is to push science forward as much as we can, and Protein Metrics software helps us accomplish this. Particularly, we find their Intact Mass™ software simple to use but also powerful and flexible, so we expect to utilize it further.”

Yury Tsybin, Ph.D. CEO, Spectroswiss

“I wanted to let you know that Byonic™ is fantastic. I am very impressed; it’s the best search engine I have ever used. I have some rock solid head-to-head comparisons vs. other protein analysis software.”

Laurence Brill, Ph.D. Senior Scientist, Intertek

“Protein Metrics’ Byonic™ software is a powerful proteomics tool. Relative to other search engines such as Sequest and Mascot, we have observed a significant gain in speed and overall peptide identifications. Byonic is especially powerful in identifying isobarically tagged peptides and peptide PTMs, such as glycosylation. Byonic has become the primary tool for peptide identification in our lab and provides our research collaborators with the most robust data sets.”

Chris Adams, Ph.D. Director of Proteomics, Stanford University Mass Spectrometry, Stanford University

“Byonic™ very quickly became the search engine of choice in my lab as it handles CAD, HCD and ETD data equally well and superior to other search engines we have used. We especially came to rely on the precision with which Byonic identifies PTMs and even unanticipated modifications and sequence variants. Several projects in my lab depend on Byonic’s Wildcard search that allows us to place a large mass window on a specific or all amino acids without decreasing the sensitivity of our search. Using the wildcard modification in combination with Byonic’s integrated top down search became a game changer for our lab. We are now routinely characterizing complex mixtures of 8kDa proteins from organisms with incomplete database in a top down manner without fractionation or sub-digestion. Not only do we identify exact matches to RNA-Seq data, but we also identify numerous additional sequence variants and PTMs all top down. The exhaustive annotation of Byonic makes it incredibly easy to rapidly validate the identifications. Truly Byonic is the one-stop-shop for exhaustive protein characterization from top to bottom.”

Beatrix Ueberheide, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology, NYU Langone Medical Center

“…[Protein Metrics] is quietly writing the best shotgun proteomics software I have ever seen….”

Benjamin Orsburn, Ph.D. Senior Application Scientist, Proteomics News Blog

“For us, Byonic™ has opened new windows in the study of cardiovascular disease.”

Manuel Mayr M.D., Ph.D. Professor of Cardiovascular Proteomics, King’s College London

“Protein Metrics’ Byonic™ has changed the way we evaluate our data and even do our up front experiments. The ability of this program to address mass spectra of glycopeptides directly is a Game Changer. No other program that I am aware of, and we have used many, can compete for assigning glycopeptides. This is not to mention the speed of the searches that are phenomenal….Byonic runs a search faster looking for multiple modifications than the previous program we were using allowing for no modifications!”

Lance Wells, Ph.D. Prof. Biochem. and Mol. Biol., University of Georgia

“It’s great for our field to have a single search engine, Byonic™ which excels at all the different proteomics methods — data-dependent, data-independent, bottom-up, top-down, glycoproteins, and phosphoproteins.”

Michael MacCoss, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor of Genome Sciences, University of Washington School of Medicine

“Byonic™ has enabled us to evaluate complex tissues and biofluids at the glycopeptide level, allowing simultaneous glycan composition and peptide identification determinations. Using Byonic in our analytical workflow has greatly facilitated evaluation of known key biomarker glycoproteins like PSA, and also improved our ability to discover new cancer biomarker candidates. Additionally, the Protein Metrics staff have been exceptionally helpful in assisting with any software and data analysis questions that we have had, as well as troubleshooting different experimental approaches.”

Richard Drake, Ph.D. Professor and Director, Medical University of South Carolina Proteomics Center

“Byonic™ and Preview™ have become integral tools for our discovery proteomics pipeline. Searches are rapid, customizable, statistically validated and highly informative. One of the best aspects is the ability to interface with the vendor and its programmers directly for advice on configurations and for collaborative implementation of new features.”

Mark Flory, Ph.D. Principal Scientist, Igenica, Inc.

“In my research, we are always looking for unexpected modifications to our proteins. Protein Metrics’ Byonic™ software has allowed us to find modifications that we haven’t even considered before. With other software products we have used we were only able to find what we already knew was there.”

Joshua S. Sharp, Ph.D. Assistant Research Scientist, University of Georgia

“…[Preview™ quickly evaluates your RAW data and gives you an idea of how you should be setting up your searches…this software is very very fast.”

Benjamin Orsburn, Ph.D. Senior Application Scientist, Proteomics News Blog