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Unraveling the Twin Tales of Biosimilar and Innovator Glycans

N-glycans are omnipresent in the Fc region of monoclonal antibody products. Modifications to a glycan profile can impact a protein’s stability/folding, binding affinities, effector functions, clearance rates, and/or immunogenicity.

Automated de novo mAb Sequencing for a Modern Biotech

Using the right practical tools, de novo sequencing now can be easily turned into an in-house, higher throughput procedure with extremely high confidence.

An Implementation of Vendor-Neutral Multi-Attribute Method (MAM)

Ben Niu speaks to setting up automatable workflows from sample preparation all the way through to data analysis and capable of handling a large number of samples.

EAD: Making characterization of complex biotherapeutics routine

A new fragmentation technique with Sciex's ZenoTOF 7600 with a deep dive into the characterization of PTMs, S-S bond mapping and more with Byos


For fast ranking during expression vector design and clone selection, Lonza's setup for high throughput intact MS uses Protein Metric’s parsimonious charge deconvolution algorithm.

Characterizing the glycan shield of the Hepatitis C E1E2 glycoprotein complex using mass spectrometry

Maddy Newby takes us through the steps for unravelling the structural details of the E1E2 glycoprotein complex whilst also uncovering a novel glycan site within a non-canonical N-linked glycan site.

EU UGM 2023: Byosphere assisted biopharmaceutical development

Moving to a centralized architecture for streamlining data management, integrity and traceability. Lessons learned from a Byosphere installation.

EU UGM 2023: Friends with benefits: Glycoproteomics meets Chemical Biology

A glycoproteomics platform comprising custom chemical probes and time resolved proteolysis of biogicals.

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