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PTM Analysis – How to Marry Speed and Confidence in R&D

John Reed covers the ins and outs of PTM analysis. He touches on peptide identification and the use of standard curves and weighted averaging of XICs - and a little bit of ice cream.

Driving Efficiency in Pre-Clinical Development with Automated Mass-Spectrometry Analysis

The cell and developability sciences group is tasked with delivering lead manufacturing cell lines. Not only are the volume of request increasing, but so are the novelty and complexity of new molecules to characterize.

Bispecific MS Analysis and Cell Line Development

Unlock the complexities of Bispecific Analysis and immediately share simple to understand visualizations with others? That's exactly what Janssen's cell line development group have done. Come and find out how.

EU UGM 2022 – EPO analysis using ZIP Chip CE-MS and Byos Software

Marshall Bern details the usage of Intact Mass deconvolution in order to tease apart the complex glycosylation profiles of EPO

Tackling the Glycan Isomer Challenge for your Biotherapeutics

As minor changes to production processes can influence both glycan structure and composition, glycans must be monitored. However, characterization of N-linked glycosylation is analytically challenging due to innate glycan microheterogeneity.

EU UGM 2023: Bispecific Antibody Formats – Challenges in Peptide Mapping and how a Multi Enzyme Approach improves the Analysis of Sequence Variants

A new experimental set up utilizing a multi enzyme approach and the best approaches for quantification

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