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EAD: Making characterization of complex biotherapeutics routine

A new fragmentation technique with Sciex's ZenoTOF 7600 with a deep dive into the characterization of PTMs, S-S bond mapping and more with Byos

Automated Feedback Control of Protein Characteristics in a Perfusion Bioprocess

“Open-loop control” is standard control strategy for biomanufacturing – Critical Quality Attributes (CQAs) are maintained within set ranges by controlling Critical Process Parameters (CPPs). Mass spectrometry is an ideal tool for PAT.

The Sweet Science of Sparkling Wine

Glycoproteins have been linked to positive and negative qualities in sparkling wine, but the glycosylation profiles of sparkling wine have not been previously investigated in detail. Hear from Dr Pegg on how she has been addressing the glycoproteome analysis of sparkling wine.

EU UGM 2022 – Addressing MS Data Bottlenecks and Biopharmaceutical Case Studies

Dan Bach Kristensen covers the latest advancements linking chromeleon and byosphere in order to alleviate bottlenecks in data processing

Detailed Analytical Characterization of a Bispecific IgG1 CrossMab Antibody of the Knob-into-Hole Format Applying Various Stress Conditions Revealed Pronounced Stability

A panel of stress conditions ( including temperature, pH, oxidizing agents, and forced glycation) were applied to identify and functionally evaluate critical quality attributes in the complementary-determining and conserved regions of a bispecific antibody was applied in this study.

EU UGM 2023: The Growing Importance and Changing Needs for Data Analysis & Informatics – US UGM

The latest on our Oligo workflows including long digested oligonucleotides - especially mRNAs

Optimization of a Label-Free Peptide Quantitation Strategy for Analysis of Therapeutic Proteins

Roche’s work underscores the importance of selecting an accurate strategy for PTM analysis, and shows the application of a customized report template and dynamic columns feature to optimize label-free peptide quantitation strategies

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