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Implementing an Enterprise Solution for MAM with LC-UV-MS

Move from the Desktop environment to a true Enterprise one with the same workflows. Byosphere® brings the capability to create dashboards, provide queries, and get away from cutting and pasting from hen external data repositories.

Data Visualisation for Routine Host Cell Protein Analysis

Presented with ThermoFisher - efficient and reliable protein identification and quantification results

Automating data collecting and analysis in the X-ray hydroxyl radical footprinting method

A case study involving the xray radiolysis of samples containing cytochrome c using the Byos FPOP and PTM (in silico) workflows to elucidate the change in solvent accessibility.

Automation of Glycan and Peptide Mapping and Improving Efficiency and Quality

More samples, more tests and more complex modalities. Sound familiar? As Pfizer increased the number of assays to perform, Thomas Powers underscores that it is also critical to automate original routine assays and describes challenges tackled along the path.

Development of a HILIC method for detection of low abundant N-glyco-peptides

Florian Krattenmacher describes the thought process in the development and validation of methods for the detection of low abundance glycopeptides

EU UGM 2023: Friends with benefits: Glycoproteomics meets Chemical Biology

A glycoproteomics platform comprising custom chemical probes and time resolved proteolysis of biogicals.

Resolving Antibody Aggregation During Discovery & Development

Methods for analyzing footprinting data in the context of aggregation to arrive at actionable insights

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