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In-Depth Sequence Variant Analysis

SVs, considered impurities, exist at low levels and are challenging to detect and characterize. Learn about automated and flexible identification of these low abundance species

Automation of Glycan and Peptide Mapping and Improving Efficiency and Quality

More samples, more tests and more complex modalities. Sound familiar? As Pfizer increased the number of assays to perform, Thomas Powers underscores that it is also critical to automate original routine assays and describes challenges tackled along the path.

An Implementation of Vendor-Neutral Multi-Attribute Method (MAM)

Ben Niu speaks to setting up automatable workflows from sample preparation all the way through to data analysis and capable of handling a large number of samples.

Development of a HILIC method for detection of low abundant N-glyco-peptides

Florian Krattenmacher describes the thought process in the development and validation of methods for the detection of low abundance glycopeptides

EU UGM 2022 – Addressing MS Data Bottlenecks and Biopharmaceutical Case Studies

Dan Bach Kristensen covers the latest advancements linking chromeleon and byosphere in order to alleviate bottlenecks in data processing

EU UGM 2023: Enhancing the Dimensionality of Glycoproteomics

Can sample pretreatment hide biologically important glycan species? Can Ion mobility be used to boost glycopeptide detction?

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