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Implementing an Enterprise Solution for MAM with LC-UV-MS

Move from the Desktop environment to a true Enterprise one with the same workflows. Byosphere® brings the capability to create dashboards, provide queries, and get away from cutting and pasting from hen external data repositories.

Native MS and Cell Line Development

With increasing complexity and volume of biotherapeutics, Janssen describe how they are implementing Byosphere to bring clarity to manage their workflows and deliver concise information when and where its needed.

Generating Wisdom from Raw Data

From wine, to marsupials to viruses. The amount of work happening today to understand biology has and will continue to exponentially increase. Join us for an overview to the universe of protein problems that Protein Metrics is involved with understanding.

Monitoring System Suitability – Byosphere Dashboards

Comparing batches? Assessing digestion completion? Tracking over-alkylation? Learn about the rational for the types of dashboard constructed to monitor these important aspects of laboratory operations.

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