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Real Time Monitoring of Bioprocess & Beyond – A Process Analytical Perspective

Presented by Bristol Meyers Squibb and Protein Metrics. A roadmap for successful implementation of PAT tools - identification of critical quality attributes and critical control points of the bioprocess for efficient and smarter development.

Automated de novo mAb Sequencing for a Modern Biotech

Using the right practical tools, de novo sequencing now can be easily turned into an in-house, higher throughput procedure with extremely high confidence.

Automated Feedback Control of Protein Characteristics in a Perfusion Bioprocess

“Open-loop control” is standard control strategy for biomanufacturing – Critical Quality Attributes (CQAs) are maintained within set ranges by controlling Critical Process Parameters (CPPs). Mass spectrometry is an ideal tool for PAT.

Generating Wisdom from Raw Data

From wine, to marsupials to viruses. The amount of work happening today to understand biology has and will continue to exponentially increase. Join us for an overview to the universe of protein problems that Protein Metrics is involved with understanding.

EU UGM 2022 – LC-MS and LC-MS/MS Analyses of Adeno-Associated Viruses Anc80

Jerome Jonveaux describes peptide and intact workflows developed for quantification of PTMs and comparison of AAV samples

EU UGM 2023: Enhancing the Dimensionality of Glycoproteomics

Can sample pretreatment hide biologically important glycan species? Can Ion mobility be used to boost glycopeptide detction?

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