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Automated de novo mAb Sequencing for a Modern Biotech

Using the right practical tools, de novo sequencing now can be easily turned into an in-house, higher throughput procedure with extremely high confidence.

Automation of Glycan and Peptide Mapping and Improving Efficiency and Quality

More samples, more tests and more complex modalities. Sound familiar? As Pfizer increased the number of assays to perform, Thomas Powers underscores that it is also critical to automate original routine assays and describes challenges tackled along the path.

Streamlining PTM Workflows: From Sample Prep to Data Analysis

Dan walks through Symphogen's tools for quantitative characterization of multiple quality attributes across samples. These include glycoform distribution, chemical degradation and disulphide isoform and scrambling.

The Sweet Science of Sparkling Wine

Glycoproteins have been linked to positive and negative qualities in sparkling wine, but the glycosylation profiles of sparkling wine have not been previously investigated in detail. Hear from Dr Pegg on how she has been addressing the glycoproteome analysis of sparkling wine.

EU UGM 2022 – Rapid Analysis of Oligonucleotides by High-Resolution Accurate Mass CE-MS

Protagene combines the ZipChip, HRMS and Byos for Sequence verification and easy impurity analysis including identification and quantification

High throughput screening and data analysis using Native Mass Spectrometry and Byos

Under carefully optimized instrumental conditions it is feasible to quantify the drug dissociation constant (Kd). OMass Therapeutics presents in house high-throughput native MS screening platform combined with high-throughput data processing.

Neutrophil azurophilic granule glycoproteins – atypical glycans

Glycoproteomics analysis of complex samples. What is the Impact of sample preparation, mass spectrometry and data analysis on your observed glycoproteome?

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