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Simplifying Oligonucleotide Characterization Using the BYOS Intact Mass Workflow

As they are polar and negatively charged, with many process-related impurities, purification and analytical methods can be challenging. We demonstrate the use of the BYOS Intact Mass Workflow to simplify the complex oligonucleotide spectra.

Real Time Monitoring of Bioprocess & Beyond – A Process Analytical Perspective

Presented by Bristol Meyers Squibb and Protein Metrics. A roadmap for successful implementation of PAT tools - identification of critical quality attributes and critical control points of the bioprocess for efficient and smarter development.

Database Search of Tandem Mass Spectrometry of Oligonucleotides

In collaboration with the University of Texas at Austin, Rose discusses MS1 and MS2 analysis of oligonucleotides and the application of Byonic proteomics features for these molecules

Recent Progress in MS-Based Workflows and Case Studies from a Biopharmaceutical Development Lab

Symphogen explain how they are leveraging, through Chromeleon and Byosphere, their MS data more efficiently, and integrating data acquisition and processing tools.

Stanford SUMS Seminar - Connecting LC-MS data analysis with non-MS techniques

In this talk, Dr Carlson reviews recent updates to the Protein Metrics platform and talk about the “next steps” of informing MS-level experiments with information from biology and process, as well as what all mass spectrometrists already proclaim, that we can inform biology in reverse.

EU UGM 2023: Byosphere assisted biopharmaceutical development

Moving to a centralized architecture for streamlining data management, integrity and traceability. Lessons learned from a Byosphere installation.

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