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Simplifying Oligonucleotide Characterization Using the BYOS Intact Mass Workflow

As they are polar and negatively charged, with many process-related impurities, purification and analytical methods can be challenging. We demonstrate the use of the BYOS Intact Mass Workflow to simplify the complex oligonucleotide spectra.

Automating data collecting and analysis in the X-ray hydroxyl radical footprinting method

A case study involving the xray radiolysis of samples containing cytochrome c using the Byos FPOP and PTM (in silico) workflows to elucidate the change in solvent accessibility.

Characterizing the glycan shield of the Hepatitis C E1E2 glycoprotein complex using mass spectrometry

Maddy Newby takes us through the steps for unravelling the structural details of the E1E2 glycoprotein complex whilst also uncovering a novel glycan site within a non-canonical N-linked glycan site.

EU UGM 2023: Protein Metrics’ MAM application as a robust standard for PTM detection in large scale forced degradation studies

Creating robust standards and high throughput method development for large scale forced degradation studies and PTM reporting

EU UGM 2023: The Growing Importance and Changing Needs for Data Analysis & Informatics – US UGM

The latest on our Oligo workflows including long digested oligonucleotides - especially mRNAs

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