Full MS/MS search engine for comprehensive peptide and protein identification
Control the types and number of PTMs on candidate peptides

Modification Fine Control™ and Wildcard search enable Byonic to focus its effort on the candidate peptides most likely to match mass spectra, so that with the right parameter settings, Byonic can find more true matches more quickly than any other proteomics search engine.

Are your modifications common or rare? Use intelligent prebuilt or custom modifications to tame combinatorial explosion.

Rapid Detection of Cross-Linked Dipeptides

Unexpected Modifications in Cell-Line Characterization

Gold standard in glyco peptide search

The 1st HGI study, published in Nature Methods, was a community evaluation of glycoproteomics informatics solutions and revealed high-performance search strategies for serum glycopeptide analysis - see how byonic fared....

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Judiciously optimized search space

Key factors to help you get the optimal performance from the engine

• Focused databases – speeds up search – search space size
• List of prebuilt modifications
• Common contaminants also searchable – trypsin, other digestive enzymes, keratin etc
• Multi core architecture supported for higher throughput

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