Adaptive Image Compression
Higher Compression than JPEG, fast throughput, no visible artifacts
Faithful compression and decompression

JPEG has its limitations. Originally designed for consumer photography, serious drawbacks are manifest when employed with microscope imagery. In order to avoid block artifacts and "ringing" at sharp edges, JPEG must be run with a high quality setting, limiting the amount of compression that can be achieved.

The patented Protein Metrics compression algorithm is specifically designed for automated microscope and whole-slide imagery:

Scales from completely lossless to very high compression

Enables fast transfer and compact archiving

Applicable to brightfield or fluorescence

1GB per second* - 10X faster than standard approaches

Higher quality compression is redundant without the practical consideration of speed to enable your workflows.

The Protein Metrics algorithm is multi threaded and highly parallelized. It runs at least 10x faster and produces no objectionable artifacts. Need more horsepower or to run in the cloud? Let us know.

With fast compression and smaller files:
save $$ on storage and data transfer
increase throughput of working with files
open up new ways of working with your data

*typical desktop I7 4 core processor

Image Management

Do you have images coming in from multiple sources?
Long term storage burden growing incessantly?
Bulky files making your applications lag?
Flawed compression loosing actionable information?

Let us unblock your image workflows

Michael Natan, former CEO of Ultivue

Michael has over 25 years of entrepreneurial activity in the life science space.