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Simplifying Oligonucleotide Characterization Using the BYOS Intact Mass Workflow

As they are polar and negatively charged, with many process-related impurities, purification and analytical methods can be challenging. We demonstrate the use of the BYOS Intact Mass Workflow to simplify the complex oligonucleotide spectra.

Automation of Glycan and Peptide Mapping and Improving Efficiency and Quality

More samples, more tests and more complex modalities. Sound familiar? As Pfizer increased the number of assays to perform, Thomas Powers underscores that it is also critical to automate original routine assays and describes challenges tackled along the path.

Intact Profiling and Visualization of Urinary Prostate-Specific Antigen Profiles

Alan Moran presents a customized intact protein workflow for the analysis of intact PSA, exploring its N-glycome as well as other PSA proteoforms. An easier, faster, and more efficient data analysis and processing of clinically relevant PSA proteoforms is achieved.


For fast ranking during expression vector design and clone selection, Lonza's setup for high throughput intact MS uses Protein Metric’s parsimonious charge deconvolution algorithm.

Detailed Analytical Characterization of a Bispecific IgG1 CrossMab Antibody of the Knob-into-Hole Format Applying Various Stress Conditions Revealed Pronounced Stability

A panel of stress conditions ( including temperature, pH, oxidizing agents, and forced glycation) were applied to identify and functionally evaluate critical quality attributes in the complementary-determining and conserved regions of a bispecific antibody was applied in this study.

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