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Database Search of Tandem Mass Spectrometry of Oligonucleotides

In collaboration with the University of Texas at Austin, Rose discusses MS1 and MS2 analysis of oligonucleotides and the application of Byonic proteomics features for these molecules

Driving Efficiency in Pre-Clinical Development with Automated Mass-Spectrometry Analysis

The cell and developability sciences group is tasked with delivering lead manufacturing cell lines. Not only are the volume of request increasing, but so are the novelty and complexity of new molecules to characterize.

Recent Progress in MS-Based Workflows and Case Studies from a Biopharmaceutical Development Lab

Symphogen explain how they are leveraging, through Chromeleon and Byosphere, their MS data more efficiently, and integrating data acquisition and processing tools.

Automated Feedback Control of Protein Characteristics in a Perfusion Bioprocess

“Open-loop control” is standard control strategy for biomanufacturing – Critical Quality Attributes (CQAs) are maintained within set ranges by controlling Critical Process Parameters (CPPs). Mass spectrometry is an ideal tool for PAT.

Analysing the SARS-CoV-2 glycan shield with mass spec

Why are we interested in virus glycosylation in general? Max Crispin from the University of southampton gives us an intrudction to the topic as well as a deep dive into the elucidation of the SARS-CoV-2 Glycan shield

EU UGM 2022 – Importance of Data Analysis & Informatics in Development – Dashboards Latest

Eric Carlson explains how important Data Analysis & Informatics is in Development - and how advaced data mining tools resulting in easily shareble visual Dashboards can be leveraged for deeper insights.

HDX-MS analysis of SARS-CoV-2 spike ectodomain

Adding glycopeptides from spike to analysis of its conformational dynamics improves detail in visualizations, and fills in coverage gaps

Optimization of a Label-Free Peptide Quantitation Strategy for Analysis of Therapeutic Proteins

Roche’s work underscores the importance of selecting an accurate strategy for PTM analysis, and shows the application of a customized report template and dynamic columns feature to optimize label-free peptide quantitation strategies

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