An Implementation of Vendor-Neutral Multi-Attribute Method (MAM)

Today’s webinar focuses on Vendor-Neutral Multi-Attribute Method (MAM) with Ben Niu and Michelle English. Ben Niu, a scientist and characterization lead at MedImmune, has a background in mass spectrometry-based characterization of biologic drugs and has developed pivotal data analysis workflows for MAM and intact mass analysis. Michelle English, at Protein Metrics, aids customers in overcoming complex challenges in biotherapeutics characterization, with prior experience at Pfizer enhancing her expertise in monoclonal antibodies and other recombinant proteins.

Today’s session explores the evolving application of mass spectrometry for MAM in biopharmaceutical development. Michelle introduces Protein Metrics’ offerings and discusses the potential of MAM to enhance drug safety and reduce development costs. The FDA’s Emerging Technology Program, which evaluates innovative manufacturing technologies, has recognized the potential of MAM, selecting Protein Metrics as a vendor-neutral platform for their analyses. The presentation aims to highlight how MAM, through direct and precise measurements, could revolutionize traditional biotherapeutic monitoring, transitioning from reliance on indirect assay methods to more direct, mass spec-based techniques.