British Mass Spectrometry Society

With the latest release of Byosphere, you can finally take the heavy lifting out of your analytical workflows. With automated data ingestion, storage, analytics and reporting, its never been easier to uncover the true worth of your data.

Orthogonal techniques for LCMS characterization of a lysine-conjugated ADC

Intact reconstruction from peptide mapping data was used to determine the level of correlation between the orthogonal techniques of intact mass and peptide mapping.

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Histidine hydrogen-deuterium exchange (His-HDX) mass spectrometry for identifying protein-ligand interactions

Here, we used His-HDX-MS as a platform to measure heat-induced unfolding of proteins and evaluate its applicability to the identification of protein-ligand interactions

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Spotting the Outliers and New Peaks in MAM Runs Automatically

For quality attribute analysis and to quickly assess trends observed from the LC-MS data, deep querying available within Protein Metrics BYOSPHERE platform offers visualization of the processed and extracted information with intelligent dashboards. In this webinar we present the power of dashboards through the analysis of the MAM Round Robin dataset.