Characterizing Next Generation Biotherapeutics with Novel Ion Trapping and Alternative Fragmentation

In this webinar, we cover the advanced techniques and methods implemented by Janssen in the Cell Developability Sciences Group for accelerating the characterization of next-generation biotherapeutics. Andy Mayhan, a principal scientist at Janssen, introduces novel ion trapping and alternative fragmentation methodologies that significantly enhance mass spectrometry analysis. We delve into Janssen’s research focus, discussing their analytical approach towards biotherapeutics and a detailed description of new mass spectrometry techniques, including Electron Activated Dissociation (EAD) for multifaceted protein and vaccine glycan profiling. The webinar outlines Janssen’s strategic integration within the broader organizational structure of Johnson & Johnson, emphasizing their pivotal role in bridging discovery and preclinical development to streamline the manufacturing cell line for lead candidates.

The presentation further explores the practical applications of these advanced techniques in the real-world setting of Janssen’s laboratories, located in Spring House, Pennsylvania. Highlighted is the optimization process within the cell line development sequence that significantly reduces the timeline from transfection to final cell line selection, aiming for enhanced throughput and efficiency. Special focus is given to the implementation of EAD fragmentation, which provides improved characterization of complex biologics, including multi-specific antibodies and vaccine molecules. Andy details the specific challenges posed by these sophisticated structures and demonstrates how Janssen’s innovative approaches not only meet these challenges but also set new standards for the analysis of biotherapeutics through detailed peptide mapping and PTM assessments facilitated by cutting-edge mass spectrometry technology.