A Global Biotherapeutic CDMO’s approach to Mass Spectrometry data processing, for an ever increasing range of molecule types

About This Webinar

From Here to Byosphere

As a CDMO, Lonza utilises an array of MS instruments to analyse the full range of molecule types requested by customers. They required a vendor neutral MS processing software to ensure continuity of data reporting for both internal and external customers, with the flexibility to adapt to different molecule classes. As the molecules analysed diversify away from standard mAbs, there is an increasing requirement for data to direct decisions earlier in the product lifecycle. Together with a more MS focused approach to IND and BLA submissions, Lonza has seen an exponential increase in the volume of MS data being generated over the last few years. Protein Metrics was selected as the software solution to address this MS processing challenge. With increasing data volumes and throughput requirements, the Byos desktop application is being transitioned to Byosphere.

This session was recorded in November 2023.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Flexibility in data handling is key for quick adaptation across various molecule types.
  • Custom workflows offer consistent analysis methods while accommodating unique molecule requirements.
  • Increased data volume necessitates re-evaluating processing strategies; smart software can enhance efficiency by reducing data transfer delays and prioritizing analysis tasks.