Increasing Analytical Efficiency at a CDMO

About This Webinar

Ensuring the full exploitation of MS capabilities.
Turning mismatched gears into a well-oiled workflows

A CDMO needs to handle analytical challenges the best possible way to use their time and resources most efficiently. Inefficiencies in analytical testing can creep in from many sources – multiple instruments from different vendors, varying methods for assays, diverse reporting requirements, sharing data and reports etc. Here, we present how a vendor neutral data analysis enterprise software addresses desired harmonization needs, offers automation capabilities, streamlined reporting and post processing data mining for instant insights, all easily shareable across sites globally, resulting in tremendous time savings and efficiency gains.

This session was recorded in January 2024.

Key Learning Objectives

  • FUJI streamlines a heterogeneous environment and manages data with Byosphere.
  • Time savings from metadata incorporation and, for example, automatic chromatogram labelling
  • Ensuring consistency in reports for diverse client needs
  • Dashboards allow visualization of key performance indicators