Power up from Byos

Keep everything you love about Byos.

Byosphere adds:

• Enterprise-access and data management
• Connect all raw data, sequence data, meta-data, and project data in one place
• Simple queries, across projects
• Automated uploading and job processing
• File histories - who, what, when

Need to dig your LC-MS CQA results out of the silo?

BYOSPHERE connects analytical raw data, detailed analysis & results, and associated reporting all using FAIR standards.

It leverages our industry-leading BYOS software to analyze LC-MS data for protein characterization and to connect these results with other analytical output and sample metadata.

Automation and ELN Integration

Set up your routine analysis to run unsupervised.

Need to pull out data from your Electronic Lab Notebook system to run your workflows? Not a problem.

Let Byosphere do the heavy lifting.