Monitoring System Suitability – Byosphere Dashboards

About This Webinar

Janssen: How Robust is your system?

Verifying that your systems are operating within given parameters, in real-time, is critical. To observe deviations as they arise, and correct for them, buys you peace of mind as to the integrity of the data collected. In this webinar, Bo Zhai (Janssen) and Weijia Tang (Protein Metrics), delve into the rational for the types of dashboard constructed to monitor this important aspect of laboratory operations.

This session was recorded in October 2022

Key Learning Objectives

  • System suitability of LC/MS instrument and sample preparation through peptide data visualization, reference standards and intact protein analysis.
  • Visualize data trending from different batches, assays and labs
  • Mass accuracy over time vs threshold
  • Bellwether peptides – review sensitivity over time
  • Tracking over-alkylation
  • Gauge digest completion via missed cleavages tracking