NA UGM24: A 3 body problem: Automation, Integration & Human

This webinar covers the integration of automation and human input in enterprise-level software support, focusing on the pharmaceutical and biologics sectors. The speaker discusses the challenges and processes involved in drug discovery and development, emphasizing the importance of various departments working together to quickly identify and advance potential therapeutic candidates. The discussion includes insights into the role of automation in supporting these processes, enhancing efficiency, and reducing redundancy in data handling and analysis.

Dr Wang also delves into the technical aspects of handling complex biological data, including the use of different protein modalities and the importance of maintaining data integrity across various stages of drug development. He highlights the use of integrated systems to manage and analyze data, which facilitates better communication across different research teams and departments. By automating certain processes and ensuring effective integration of information systems, the webinar suggests that organizations can focus more on strategic scientific endeavors and expedite the development of therapeutic solutions.