NA UGM24: How Protein Metrics Saved Me From Carpel Tunnel

This webinar covers the intricate processes and methodologies employed in the field of combinatorial chemistry, specifically focusing on DNA-encoded chemical libraries (DEL). LaShadric Grady details their initial encounters and collaborations that led to the integration of protein metrics into their workflow, aiming to enhance and streamline their processes. The discussion covers technical aspects of DEL, describing the split-pool method used to generate a vast array of compounds, and the crucial role of data analysis in identifying and validating these compounds. The webinar emphasizes the challenges faced in data analysis, which is described as a bottleneck due to the extensive number of building blocks analyzed and the necessity for precise validation to ensure the efficacy of the compounds produced.

Further, the webinar also explores the application of machine learning (ML) from the outset of their platform development, which distinguishes Anagenex’s approach from traditional methods that incorporate ML in later stages. This proactive use of ML is aimed at accelerating the selection and validation processes, thereby reducing the time from discovery to application. The integration of advanced technologies and methodologies underscores their commitment to improving efficiency and output in the development of new chemical entities, ultimately aiming to expedite the delivery of effective drugs to patients.