PEGS 2022 – Mining Biological Attributes with Dashboards

About This Webinar

Michelle English presents at PEGS 2022, sharing valuable insights into utilization of advanced dashboard technologies within Byosphere. These tools are designed to facilitate the deep querying and effective presentation of complex biological data, a necessity in the fast-paced environment of biopharmaceutical research. Byosphere offers intuitive user interfaces which democratize access to sophisticated data analysis, making it accessible to analysts across various organizational levels. This philosophy of combining simplicity with depth caters to a broad spectrum of user needs, from basic operations to more complex analytical tasks. The discussion extends to how these technological advancements are crucial in streamlining research processes, enhancing data visualization, and ultimately contributing to more informed decision-making in the field of protein characterization.

This session was recorded in March 2022

Key Learning Objectives

  • Integration with Dotmatics: Learn about Protein Metrics’ recent acquisition by Dotmatics, situating it within a larger biocharacterization and data storage enterprise ecosystem.
  • Persona based user interfaces: A balance between user-friendly interfaces and the capability to perform complex analyses, catering to both general and specialized needs in protein characterization.
  • Byosphere and Dashboards: How dashboard technologies are employed to enhance data visualization and analysis, facilitating better decision-making in research.