Recent Progress in MS-Based Workflows and Case Studies from a Biopharmaceutical Development Lab

In this webinar hosted by Thermo Fisher Scientific, John Bardsley introduces the event focused on the latest developments in mass spectrometry (MS) based workflows and case studies from biopharmaceutical development. The webinar features speakers from Protein Metrics and Symphogen showcasing their collaborative efforts with Thermo Fisher to enhance biopharmaceutical analyses. We discuss the integration of Protein Metrics’ software with Thermo Fisher’s systems to streamline data analysis in biopharmaceutical labs. Dan Back Kristensen highlights the practical applications of these integrated systems in protein chemistry, emphasizing their impact on efficiency and data management in the biopharmaceutical industry.

The partnership between Protein Metrics and Thermo Fisher Scientific has led to advanced data processing and analysis capabilities, significantly aiding biopharmaceutical development with tools like the Chameleon CDS Software and the Byosphere enterprise platform.

The integration offers a seamless, compliance-ready software environment that not only simplifies the workflow but also ensures data integrity and security, crucial for regulatory compliance and efficient project management across various biopharmaceutical applications.