Improving Intact Antibody and Plasma Glycoprotein Analysis with Native MS and Parsimonious Charge Deconvolution

This webinar focuses on enhancing the analysis of intact antibodies and plasma glycoproteins using native mass spectrometry and parsimonious charge deconvolution. We’re joined by esteemed speakers Albert Heck and Eric Carlson. Albert, a professor at Utrecht University, discusses his lab’s innovative techniques in mass spectrometry for detailed protein characterization in relation to their biological functions. His lab is noted for its pioneering work in macromolecular or native mass spectrometry. Eric Carlson, serving as president of Protein Metrics, highlights his significant contributions to the field, including 32 published patents and influential works in pharmaceutical stress testing.

In the webinar, Albert introduces native mass spectrometry, explaining how it differs from traditional methods by maintaining physiological conditions during analysis, which preserves the protein complexes’ native state. This technique allows for the analysis of intact protein assemblies with high accuracy, even at low concentrations. The webinar further explores how advancements in mass spectrometry equipment have expanded the capability to analyze high molecular weight proteins and complex assemblies, providing insights into protein modifications like phosphorylation and glycosylation, and their interaction with drugs and other molecules. Following the presentations, a Q&A session addresses the integration of these advanced analytical methods into current research workflows, emphasizing the enhanced understanding of protein structures and interactions they offer.