PTM Analysis – How to Marry Speed and Confidence in R&D

This webinar, titled “PTM Analysis: How to Marry Speed and Confidence in Research and Development,” featured John Reid and Dr. St John Skilton discussing advanced mass spectrometry techniques for analyzing post-translational modifications (PTMs). Dr. Skilton, from Protein Metrics, shares insights on integrating biotechnology with computer science to enhance data analysis in biopharmaceutical research. John Reid, from Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, details his work in the biotherapeutics group, highlighting his journey from studying plant molecular biology to specializing in neurodegenerative diseases research at the Roskamp Institute.

The webinar focused on optimizing mass spectrometry workflows for PTM analysis, emphasizing the need for harmonizing data analysis across multiple sites to ensure consistent and reliable results. The speakers also discussed the challenges and solutions related to data processing, vendor-neutral software solutions, and the implementation of efficient data analysis protocols. This session provided valuable strategies for researchers aiming to combine speed with precision in their PTM analysis, ensuring high-quality data output and facilitating better decision-making in drug development processes.