Rapid Intact Charge Variant Analysis with Coupled icIEF-MS

This webinar covers the advanced techniques in rapid intact charge variant analysis using coupled ICIEF MS, presented by Dr. Eric Carlson, Eric Galen, and John Tier, who bring their extensive expertise in protein analytics and biopharmaceutical development to the discussion. Dr. Carlson, as the President of Protein Metrics, introduces us to software solutions that enhance mass spectrometry data analysis. Eric Galen, with his deep experience in microfluidic technologies at Inter Bio, shares insights into the latest advancements in protein and nucleic acid analysis tools. Lastly, John Tier, with his robust background in both academic and industrial settings, explores practical applications of these technologies in drug development processes.

We look at how these industry leaders usecutting-edge technologies to improve the characterization of biologics across the development pipeline. The focus is on the seamless integration of isoelectric focusing and mass spectrometry to assess charge variants more efficiently. Dr. Carlson discusses the role of advanced proprietary algorithms in ensuring high-quality results in mass spectrometry. Eric Galen delves into microfluidic-based innovations that streamline the analysis of proteins and nucleic acids, while John Tier presents real-world applications, highlighting the impact of these technologies on speeding up the biopharmaceutical development process. Join us as we explore how these integrated approaches are setting new standards in the analysis and quality control of biopharmaceuticals.