Streamlining PTM Workflows: From Sample Prep to Data Analysis

Dan Bach Kristensen and Eric Carlson share their insights on enhancing PTM workflows from sample preparation to data analysis using sophisticated mass spectrometry techniques. Dan, a principal scientist at Symphogen, discusses his extensive experience in developing antibody mixtures for cancer treatment and highlights the critical role of protein chemistry and mass spectrometry in biopharmaceutical development. Eric Carlson, President of Protein Metrics, outlines his contributions to the field through software development aimed at simplifying protein characterization for biotherapeutic drug development.

The webinar delves into the specific capabilities of native mass spectrometry for analyzing post-translational modifications, offering a significant advancement over traditional methods by maintaining physiological conditions to preserve protein complexes. Dan’s presentation illustrates the practical application of mass spectrometry in quantifying modifications that enhance drug efficacy and safety. Eric’s discussion further emphasizes the role of innovative software in streamlining data analysis, making sophisticated techniques more accessible to researchers and enhancing the reliability of pharmaceutical testing. The session concludes with a Q&A, focusing on integrating these advanced methods into routine workflows, thus fostering a deeper understanding of protein interactions and functions in drug development.