Day 1
David Lascoux
Sales Director, Europe & India, Protein Metrics Inc

Welcome, agenda, meet the European team

Eric Carlson
CEO, Protein Metrics Inc

Introduction & State of the Union

Florian Krattenmacher
Scientist, Boehringer Ingelheim

Development of a HILIC method for the detection of low abundant N-glyco-peptides

Kleitos Sokratous
Senior Scientist, OMass Therapeutics

High-throughput screening and data analysis using Native Mass Spectrometry and Byos®

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Stephane Bahraoui
Customer Success Scientist, Protein Metrics Inc

Customer Success Scientist, Protein Metrics Inc

Dan Bach Kristensen
Principal Scientist, Symphogen

Advancement in MS-based workflows at Symphogen – Addressing MS Data Bottlenecks and Biopharmaceutical Case Studies

Marshall Bern
VP of Research, Protein Metrics Inc

Latest and Greatest

Day 2
Eric Carlson
CEO, Protein Metrics Inc

Growing Importance of Data Analysis & Informatics to Development

Markus Haberger
Group Leader, Development Characterization Analytics, Roche

Characterization of Novel and Complex Antibody Formats

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Jérôme Jonveaux
Senior Scientist Protein Mass Spectrometry, Lonza

LC-MS and LC-MS/MS Analyses of Adeno-Associated Viruses Anc80

Daniel Waldera-Lupa
Laboratory Manager, ProtaGene GmbH

Rapid Analysis of Oligonucleotides by High-Resolution Accurate Mass CE-MS

Weston Struwe
Fellow and Group Leader, Oxford University

Structural Determinants Regulating Viral Spike Glycosylation and Biomolecular Interactions

Jason Gilmore
Senior Scientist, Seagen

Leveraging in silico workflows and pipeline automation for high-throughput rapid bioprocess monitoring

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