Festival of Biologics

With the latest release of Byosphere, you can finally take the heavy lifting out of your analytical workflows. With automated data ingestion, storage, analytics and reporting, its never been easier to uncover the true worth of your data.

Automated Spectrum Annotation and Structure Disambiguation of Released N-linked Glycans

Monosaccharide composition is often discernible directly from accurate molecular mass (MS1); however, topology (monosaccharide connectivity) requires MS2, and glycosidic linkage information and anomericity requires, at least, MS3 if not combined with orthogonal insights. Here we report on disambiguation of topological isomers directly from tandem MS spectra.

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A Real-time Informatics Pipeline Enables Screening of Biologics during High-Throughput Expression

Raw MS data and associated meta data are swept to an automation module in Byosphere that resides in the J&J cloud server.
Advanced querying capabilities and quality control of data allows triaging voluminous data sets

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Spotting the Outliers and New Peaks in MAM Runs Automatically

For quality attribute analysis and to quickly assess trends observed from the LC-MS data, deep querying available within Protein Metrics BYOSPHERE platform offers visualization of the processed and extracted information with intelligent dashboards. In this webinar we present the power of dashboards through the analysis of the MAM Round Robin dataset.