NA UGM24: Panel Discussion – Gearing Up For Smarter Workflows

This panel discussion involving director-level professionals from various life sciences companies, focusing on the theme of smarter workload management in laboratory settings. The main discussion revolves around the integration of automation in scientific workflows, highlighting its importance in enhancing efficiency and consistency across different stages of drug development. The panelists, including representatives from Takeda, Janssen, Anangenex, and BMS, share insights on how their respective groups fit into the overall development space, ranging from discovery to biologics development, and discuss the varying needs of large and small companies in the industry.

The conversation attacks the challenges and trends associated with implementing automation, with a particular eye on data management and the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline processes. Panelists discuss the bottlenecks in data transfer and the integration of complex data sets, which are critical for making informed decisions in drug development. They explore how AI could assist in predictive analytics, improving the stability of molecules, and optimizing experimental designs to expedite the development process. The meeting aims to foster a dialogue on how technological advancements can be leveraged to improve workflow efficiency and support the scientific community in developing effective therapeutic solutions more swiftly.