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Survival of infant formula N-glycoproteins across simulated infant gastrointestinal digestion

Complex milk glycoproteins classified and analysed by LCMS to work out which ones survive infant digestion. Byos used to calculate relative abundances and types of glycosylations.

8-Jun-22 WP 225

Tandem mass spectrometry metrics for reliable and automated assignment of protonated glycan isomers

MS^n capability on O-linked Glycans showing the capability of annotating fragments correctly, automatically in the spectrum. Use of glycan cartoons for reporting. Annotation of fragmentation automated in the software.

8-Jun-22 Poster WP 201

Comprehensive site-specific glycan profiling of a protein-based flu vaccine using electron-capture dissociation (EAD)

Complex glycoprotein analysis: Glycosylation, including glycan structures and occupancy, plays a vital role in the stability and efficacy of protein-based vaccines. Here, the ability of latest ECD technology to characterize a vaccine protein with multiple glycosylation sites was examined. Poster with Janssen and Sciex

9-Jun-22 Poster ThP 185

Integrated analysis of N-glycoproteomic and global proteomic of human high-grade glioblastoma reveals distinct disease signatures with potential clinical implications

Deep search of the glycoproteome is an important element to understand disease states, and this is illustrated by the work on glioblastomas by this lab in Astrazeneca at the forefront of research.

9-Jun-22 ThOF pm 02:50

Characterization of Isomeric O-Glycopeptides using µLC, Differential Mobility Spectrometry, Collision Induced and Electron Capture Dissociation

O-linked glycoslyations captured in a comprehensive analysis using alternative fragmentation techniques in combination with differential ion mobility. Protein Metrics software annotates the fragments and localises the O-glycosylation

9-Jun-22 ThP 267

Epitope Mapping of HER2 with Single Amino Acid-Level Resolution using a Combination of Plasma-Initiated Radical Trifluoromethylation and Hydroxyl Radical Footprinting

Using an emerging technique for epitope mapping, and intelligent use of radicals, Immuto have stdied the binding of the HER2 receptor to Trastuzumab right down to the residue level.

6-Jun-22 Poster MP 025

Chromatography 'super-resolution': improved HDX mapping using long gradients and time warping

Accurately mapping deuterium locations in HDX relies partially on tracking deuterium during the chromatography separation which have had to be swift in the past. This study uses time-warping in long LC-MSMS gradients with Byos software to map back to HDX-MS experiments, and therefore allow the study of larger complexes.

7-Jun-22 Poster TP 162

Complementary Trifluoromethylation and Hydroxyl Radical Labeling: A Powerful Tool for Rapid Protein Footprinting

For epitope mapping, reaching the residue level is challenging - and with Plasma Induced Modification of Biomolecules (PLIMB) new gains can be made. PLIMB irreversibly labels solvent accessible amino acid residues and this study demonstrates enhanced labeling coverage.

9-Jun-22 Auditorium -ThOE 2:50 pm - 3:10pm

Native Mass Spectrometry and Fast Photochemical Oxidation of Proteins (FPOP) for Characterization of sTREM2 interaction with Amyloid β1-42 peptide.

How does the a triggering receptor bind to its ligands in the TREM2 Myeloid cells? The WashU lab looked at thjs with Fast oxidative footprinting of proteins

9-Jun-22 Poster ThP 420

An MS-based method to characterize viral protein oligomerization and binding

Native MS and hydroxyl radical footprinting are used together by the Washington University lab to study the Ebola virus' structure and function.

9-Jun-2022 Poster ThP 452

Adopting Technologies to Streamline Biotherapeutics Characterization

This talk at the Agilent user meeting shows how new, innovative techniques can be used to much more efficiently characerize therapeutic proteins

5-Jun-22 Oral 12:30 PM - 3:00 PM

Absorption Mode FT for Biopharma: Dramatic Improvements in Native-MS and Denatured rpLC-MS Therapeutic Protein Mass Accuracy, Resolution and PTM Characterization

Deconvolution of Protein therapeutics acquired in native or denatured conditions from different high resolution mass spectrometers.

6-Jun-22 Oral Room L100 (8:50 am -9:10 am)

High-Sensitivity Charge Deconvolution Algorithm for Low-Abundance Biological Macromolecules

New algorithms for the deconvolution of new modalities demonstrate how important it is to leverage all possible pieces of inormation. In this poster, in collaboration with Janssen, Ignat Shilov from Protein Metrics illustrates that even low abundance signals can be effectively used.

7-Jun-22 Poster TP 024

Antibody Subunit Characterization: Combining ECD and Ion Mobility Separations with Microdroplet Digestion

Great innovative use of microdroplet technology, ion mobility and ECD to tackle subunit characterization in one go. Oral by Agilent, in collaboration with Janssen and eMSio, using Byos software for data analyis.

10-Jun-22 Oral Auditorium ThOE 10:10am - 10:30am (Central)

Comprehensive Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV) Critical Quality Attribute Analysis with LC-MS (2021)

Adeno-associated viruses (AAVs) are a crucial tool for development and delivery of cutting-edge gene therapies. We developed liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (LC-MS) methods for AAV characterization for host cell protein analysis (HCP) and sequence variant analysis (SVA). In addition, orthogonal methods of subunit and peptide mapping were compared directly to capture discrepancies.

Rapid Characterization of Oligos and Related Impurities Using Microchip CE-MS Without Ion-pairing Reagents

This vendor agnostic protocol requires no method development, can be easily adopted for Oligos characterization workflows such as intact mass analysis, analysis of impurities and degradation products.

Poster ThP 361

Capillary Electrophoresis – Mass Spectrometry (CEMS) of Oligonucleotides Using a 908 Devices ZipChip

The use of a 908Devices ZipChip coupled to a high resolution mass spectrometer as an orthogonal method to chromatography for oligonucleotide analysis.

8-Jun-22 Poster WP 396