Automated de novo mAb Sequencing for a Modern Biotech

Today’s webinar covers “Automated De Novo Monoclonal Antibody Sequencing for Modern Biotech,” – these crucial protein-based drugs have been a major focus since the inception of biotech and remain foundational in biopharmaceutical pipelines. Often, the primary amino acid sequences of these drugs are not public or are unknown.

Our speakers, Dr. Ilker Sen from Protein Metrics and Dr. Krisztina Radi from Thermo Fisher Scientific, will illuminate recent advances that have significantly improved the throughput and simplicity of De Novo antibody sequencing. Dr. Sen will introduce the Supernova software, designed for automated sequencing of monoclonal antibodies. Following him, Dr. Radi will discuss the essential role of Thermo Fisher’s Orbitrap mass spectrometers in the sequencing process. Finally, Dr. Dan Bach Kristensen will present SYmphogens De Novo sequencing platform and share a case study data that highlights the platform’s capabilities and efficiency. Join us as we delve into how these technological advancements are transforming the landscape of De Novo sequencing, making it more accessible and streamlined for today’s biotech researchers.