Continuous Monitoring of System Suitability with Byosphere® Automation and Dashboards

Routine activities can be time consuming and they need to be completed in a timely manner to quickly capture any potential issues and avoid wasting time and samples.

By using the Protein Metrics Byosphere framework coupled with Dashboards, scientists will be able to, at a glance:

• Mass accuracy over time vs threshold over time
• Review sensitivity via bellwether peptides
• Assess sample handling by looking artifact modifications rates
• Evaluate Alkylation efficiency and digestion completion

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Rapid Charge Variant Analysis of Cetuximab innovator and two biosimilars by Microchip CE-MS with Data Analysis

The pace of biosimilar development has led to the widespread adoption of mass spectrometry to help complete characterization of the biotherapeutics and support comparative analytical studies. Efficient and robust separation such as capillary zone electrophoresis using native conditions is desirable and allows the detection of several charge variants with minimum method development.

Here we leverage a high-sensitivity charge deconvolution algorithm to detect and quantify low-abundance species for the innovator and two biosimilars of Cetuximab.

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Deconvolution, Impurity ID, Mass XIC, Top-down and Automation All-In-One

As the world has learned over the past couple of years, mRNA vaccines are safe, effective, and quick to develop. Mass spectrometry (MS) analysis of oligonucleotides, however, is far from routine, and MS data analysis may be viewed as expensive, difficult, and specialized.

Here, we argue that MS analysis of complex and modified oligonucleotide therapeutics and their impurities should be routine and high throughput. We demonstrate analysis on CAS3/SS3, an siRNA cancer drug in clinical trial for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

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