Ensuring Safety and Efficacy of Biotherapeutics Through In-Depth LC-MS Sequence Variant Analysis

In this webinar hosted by Technology Networks, Sybil Heidelberger explores the critical role of in-depth LC-MS sequence variant analysis in ensuring the safety and efficacy of biotherapeutics. In her current role, she leverages her expertise to drive forward omics and biopharmaceutical analyses, while collaborating closely with both the R&D team and customers to develop new modalities and analytical solutions.

The focus of the webinar is on sequence variants—unintended amino acid substitutions, deletions, or insertions that may occur during the production of biotherapeutics. These variants often exist at low levels but can significantly impact the quality and efficacy of the final product. Sybil discusses the challenges of detecting such low-abundance sequence variants and the importance of robust LC-MS techniques in their identification. She highlights the cutting-edge approaches and technologies employed by Sykes to streamline sequence variant analysis, ensuring the production of safe and effective biotherapeutic products.