Day 1
Eric Carlson
President, Protein Metrics

Introduction & State of the Union

Marc Driessen
Postdoctoral Research Associate, University Hospital Düsseldorf

Friends with benefits: Glycoproteomics meets Chemical Biology

Anna Galea
Senior Officer, MS & Charac. Team, Ichnos Sciences

Byosphere assisted biopharmaceutical development

Eva Vosika & Marco Böttger
Principal Associates, Roche

Bispecific Antibody Formats - Challenges in Peptide Mapping and how a Multi Enzyme Approach improves the Analysis of Sequence Variants

Marshall Bern
VP of Research, Protein Metrics

Annotation of topdown mass spectra of proteins and oligonucleotides

Day 2
Eric Carlson
President, Protein Metrics

“The Growing Importance and Changing Needs for Data Analysis & Informatics” – US UGM

Remco van de Leijgraaf
Associate Scientist, Janssen Vaccines & Prevention

Protein Metrics' MAM application as a robust standard for PTM detection in large scale forced degradation studies

Karli Reiding
Assistant Professor Biomolecular Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics, Utrecht University

Enhancing the Dimensionality of Glycoproteomics

Simon Kamenov Gammelgaard
Mass Spectrometry Specialist, Novo Nordisk

Impurity Characterisation of modified siRNA using Byos Oligo Workflow