Harnessing Novel MS Approaches (MAM, IEX-MS) to Accelerate Biotherapeutic Development and Analysis

This webinar explores cutting-edge mass spectrometry (MS) techniques like IEX to accelerate the development and analysis of biotherapeutics. The discussion focuses on novel MS approaches that enhance process and product characterization, emphasizing the importance of robustness, variability, and high throughput in biotherapeutic development.

We also delve into the practical applications of these techniques at AstraZeneca, where novel workflows have been developed to support accelerated characterization across a variety of biotherapeutic modalities, including monoclonal antibodies, Fc-fusion proteins, viral capsid proteins, and novel peptides. The presentation will cover the integration of these methods into existing frameworks, aiming to improve reliability and reduce variability. This session is essential for professionals in the biotherapeutic industry seeking to leverage mass spectrometry for more efficient and insightful product development.