How to Advance Your Host Cell Protein Analysis with Mass Spectrometry

This webinar on host cell protein (HCP) analysis using mass spectrometry, features Kevin van Cott and Ilker Sen as presenters. Kevin Van Cott, an Associate Professor at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, discusses his lab’s efforts in enhancing the molecular characterization of therapeutic proteins. His lab collaborates with entities ranging from startups to established biotechs to improve accessibility to advanced mass spectrometry techniques. Ilker Sen, from Protein Metrics, shares insights on utilizing the BioS platform to streamline workflows in HCP analysis, highlighting a case study on plasma-derived protein analysis.

The presentation covers the advantages and challenges of mass spectrometry compared to traditional ELISA methods in HCP detection, emphasizing mass spectrometry’s superior specificity. It includes detailed examples of how mass spectrometry can identify and quantify individual proteins with high precision, which is crucial in ensuring the safety and efficacy of biopharmaceuticals. The session also delves into the technical aspects of HCP analysis, such as sample preparation, data interpretation, and the integration of mass spectrometry data into regulatory frameworks. This webinar provides comprehensive insights into the latest methodologies and best practices in HCP analysis, crucial for researchers and professionals involved in biopharmaceutical development.