HT Analysis of Bispecific Antibody Moieties and Glycosylation

In this webinar, Wilson Fung and Eric Carlson discuss high-throughput quantitative analysis of bispecific antibodies and glycosylation. Wilson, from Genentech, highlights his role in employing mass spectrometry for molecular characterization in various medical research fields. He explains the complexities of analyzing bispecific antibodies, which can bind to two different antigens, making them powerful yet challenging to produce due to their complex composition. Eric Carlson, from Protein Metrics, discusses advancements in mass spectrometry software that enhance the analysis and data processing of these antibodies.

The presentation delves into the specifics of antibody engineering, such as optimizing light chain ratios to improve the correct assembly of bispecific antibodies. Wilson outlines the analytical challenges and solutions in quantifying these antibodies, focusing on mass spectrometry’s role in identifying and quantifying correct pairs and mispairs. The discussion also covers the use of advanced software for data analysis, significantly reducing analyst time and improving data accuracy and turnaround. This technology not only streamlines the process but also provides critical data that supports decisions in antibody engineering and development.