JUGM 2023 – Digitalization of Biotherapeutic Analysis Data

This webinar covers the digitalization of biotherapeutic analysis data, emphasizing its crucial role in modern pharmaceuticals. St John Skilton, Vice President of Product Strategy at Protein Metrics, explains how digitalization aids in transforming raw, unstructured data into structured formats, making it easier for scientists to interpret and classify. By leveraging cloud technology, data from different global branches can be seamlessly shared and analyzed in real-time, enhancing collaboration and efficiency. Protein Metrics integrates various tools and dashboards to visualize data, enabling non-experts to make informed decisions and ensuring comprehensive cross-project querying.

Moreover, the talk highlights the automation capabilities within Protein Metrics’ Byosphere architecture. Automated data processing and reporting streamline workflows, allowing real-time updates and alerts, which significantly reduce manual intervention. The system supports compliance through version control, secure storage, and audit trails, ensuring data integrity and regulatory adherence. Examples from collaborations with organizations like Janssen and BioTechne illustrate practical applications and the benefits of these digital tools in complex biotherapeutic environments.