Mass Spectrometry Techniques Enabling Accelerated Process and Product Development of Bispecific Antibodies

About This Webinar

Antibody formats are becoming more elaborate. These next-generation biologics, such as bispecific antibodies, are bringing new challenges to the field of analytical characterization of modern biotherapeutics. Mass spectrometry can be applied to get fast, repeatable and reliable answers.

Lonza scientists have been using native and denaturing intact MS approaches to enable fast chain assembly analysis for IgG-like bispecific molecules in early development. Leveraging key tools from the analytical toolbox (enzymes cleaving at specific sites or allowing full deglycosylation) allows them to accelerate rapid method development and timely implementation supporting efficient delivery of their projects. By choosing Protein Metric’s software utilizing parsimonious charge deconvolution algorithm and the Byos platform functionalities, they can take advantage of their setup for high throughput intact MS allowing fast ranking during expression vector design and clone selection.

This session was recorded in November 2022.

Key Learning Objectives

  • High resolution mass spectrometry provides fast native and denatured analysis of bispecifics
  • How to deploy a high throughput analytical method to support the progression of projects in development
  • Data processing providing reliable answers and reporting tools aiding instant visual inspection
  • How the toolbox analytics and intact MS ranking of chain assembly enables Lonza’s offer of 13-months timeline from gene to IND for IgG-like bi-specific molecules