Real Time Monitoring of Bioprocess & Beyond – A Process Analytical Perspective

This webinar, hosted by BioPharma Asia Magazine is presented by Julia Ding from Bristol Myers Squibb, alongside Dannika Wasala and Eric Carson from Protein Metrics Inc. It offers a comprehensive exploration of real-time monitoring in bioprocesses through a process analytical perspective. Julia Ding, as the head of Global Process Analytical Development at BMS, highlights the integration of advanced process analytical technologies (PAT) into biomanufacturing, focusing on enabling real-time monitoring and control. Dannika Wasala, a senior scientist at BMS, deepens the discussion with specific case studies demonstrating the application of various PAT tools across unit operations, emphasizing the critical role of real-time data in ensuring product quality and process efficiency.

Eric Carson, the President and CEO of Protein Metrics Inc., contributes by discussing the intersection of software development and bioprocessing. He delves into how modern software can significantly enhance the monitoring of critical quality attributes, such as glycosylation and charge variants, in bioprocesses. Eric’s discussion underscores the necessity for robust data management systems that integrate seamlessly with bioprocessing equipment, ensuring efficient data analysis and regulatory compliance. The collective insights from Julia, Dannika, and Eric provide a detailed roadmap for incorporating sophisticated analytical tools and software solutions in biopharmaceutical manufacturing, aiming to optimize product quality and manufacturing efficiency through real-time process analytical technologies.