WCBP Symposium, Washington DC
Every well. Characterized.

With the release of Byosphere 5.0, you can characterize your biotherapeutic, with confidence, at the speed of your data. Come and visit us at Booth #6 and find out more.

Analytics at the Speed of Data

Share with colleagues, discover trends and correlate with other data.

With this release of Byosphere, all of Protein Metrics' tried and true workflows, along with our rich feature sets for inspection, are available via the virtual client on AWS.

Get the value out of your complex data by processing it faster, providing actionable intelligence, sharing it easily, and summarizing it for non-experts in a GxP environment.

Mass spectrometry data produces extremely valuable data for biotherapeutic research, development and production. Advanced enterprise data systems allow organizations to curate, interrogate and faithfully share that information for timely decision-making.

As many companies are embracing digital transformation, researchers are not only looking for solutions that allow easier data sharing by leveraging cloud capabilities, but are looking for platforms that offer data processing in a native web environment, which are accessible from anywhere, so that scientists are no longer bound to their desktop software or manual information sharing.