NA UGM24: Intact Mass Characterization of Multispecific Therapeutic Antibodies

This talk covers the intricate details of multispecific antibody development, focusing on the research and technological advancements made by the Sanofi Research group. Kalie Mix dives into the specifics of their work, including the use of advanced analytical techniques to evaluate antibody formats and the challenges encountered in early-stage screening and protein production processes. The discussion highlights the importance of intact mass analysis in assessing protein quality and making informed decisions about lead progression in therapeutic development.

The webinar also explores the complexities of developing multispecific antibodies, which are designed to engage multiple targets and offer potential for more effective treatment strategies, particularly in immunology and rare neural indications. Kalie discusses various antibody formats, including innovative approaches like the crossover dual variable domain IgG-like proteins, which show promise due to their unique structural properties and functional versatility. Challenges in protein construction and analytics are addressed, with an emphasis on overcoming issues related to mispairing and impurities.