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How to Advance Your Host Cell Protein Analysis with Mass Spectrometry

What problem HCPs should you look for? When to implement MS analysis of HCPs in product development? How to use MS to complement other analytical techniques? Kevin van Cott has the answers...

EAD: Making characterization of complex biotherapeutics routine

A new fragmentation technique with Sciex's ZenoTOF 7600 with a deep dive into the characterization of PTMs, S-S bond mapping and more with Byos

Development of a HILIC method for detection of low abundant N-glyco-peptides

Florian Krattenmacher describes the thought process in the development and validation of methods for the detection of low abundance glycopeptides

Analysing the SARS-CoV-2 glycan shield with mass spec

Why are we interested in virus glycosylation in general? Max Crispin from the University of southampton gives us an intrudction to the topic as well as a deep dive into the elucidation of the SARS-CoV-2 Glycan shield

EU UGM 2022 – Structural Determinants Regulating Viral Spike Glycosylation and Biomolecular Interactions

Weston Strewe explores the structural biophysics of host-pathogen interactions and how glycosylation effects in viral infection

EU UGM 2023: The Growing Importance and Changing Needs for Data Analysis & Informatics – US UGM

The latest on our Oligo workflows including long digested oligonucleotides - especially mRNAs

From Here to Byosphere

A Global Biotherapeutic CDMO’s approach to Mass Spectrometry data processing

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