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Unraveling the Twin Tales of Biosimilar and Innovator Glycans

N-glycans are omnipresent in the Fc region of monoclonal antibody products. Modifications to a glycan profile can impact a protein’s stability/folding, binding affinities, effector functions, clearance rates, and/or immunogenicity.

How to Advance Your Host Cell Protein Analysis with Mass Spectrometry

What problem HCPs should you look for? When to implement MS analysis of HCPs in product development? How to use MS to complement other analytical techniques? Kevin van Cott has the answers...

High throughput screening and data analysis using Native Mass Spectrometry and Byos

Under carefully optimized instrumental conditions it is feasible to quantify the drug dissociation constant (Kd). OMass Therapeutics presents in house high-throughput native MS screening platform combined with high-throughput data processing.


For fast ranking during expression vector design and clone selection, Lonza's setup for high throughput intact MS uses Protein Metric’s parsimonious charge deconvolution algorithm.

Detailed Analytical Characterization of a Bispecific IgG1 CrossMab Antibody of the Knob-into-Hole Format Applying Various Stress Conditions Revealed Pronounced Stability

A panel of stress conditions ( including temperature, pH, oxidizing agents, and forced glycation) were applied to identify and functionally evaluate critical quality attributes in the complementary-determining and conserved regions of a bispecific antibody was applied in this study.

EU UGM 2023: Enhancing the Dimensionality of Glycoproteomics

Can sample pretreatment hide biologically important glycan species? Can Ion mobility be used to boost glycopeptide detction?

EU UGM 2023: The Growing Importance and Changing Needs for Data Analysis & Informatics – US UGM

The latest on our Oligo workflows including long digested oligonucleotides - especially mRNAs

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