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PTM Analysis – How to Marry Speed and Confidence in R&D

John Reed covers the ins and outs of PTM analysis. He touches on peptide identification and the use of standard curves and weighted averaging of XICs - and a little bit of ice cream.

Biosimilar Characterization

Seamlessly move between non-GxP and GxP to satisfy regulatory requirements with Byosphere. Regardless of the mass spec platform scientists can create workflows that allow comparisons with speed and with confidence

Automated Feedback Control of Protein Characteristics in a Perfusion Bioprocess

“Open-loop control” is standard control strategy for biomanufacturing – Critical Quality Attributes (CQAs) are maintained within set ranges by controlling Critical Process Parameters (CPPs). Mass spectrometry is an ideal tool for PAT.

Analytical Characterization of Oligonucleotides by LC-HRMS and BYOS

Joint presentation with Phenomenex, we show novel automatic identification of process-related impurities using high-resolution MS (HRMS), new LC columns for oligo analysis, and novel deconvolution / mass-matching software.

EPO: Separation and Analysis

EPO has also been historically very difficult to characterize by traditional approaches. Looking for a faster, simpler way of separating and analyzing?

EU UGM 2022 – Rapid Analysis of Oligonucleotides by High-Resolution Accurate Mass CE-MS

Protagene combines the ZipChip, HRMS and Byos for Sequence verification and easy impurity analysis including identification and quantification

EU UGM 2023: Annotation of topdown mass spectra of proteins and oligonucleotides

The latest on our Oligo workflows including long digested oligonucleotides - especially mRNAs

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