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Three Channel Charge Deconvolution

There are two quite different methods for determining the charge of m/z peaks:  peak spacing for isotope-resolved masses, and ratio relations among peaks for isotope-unresolved masses. Most software uses one method or the other, but Protein Metrics Intact Mass can use both information channels simultaneously, as well as a third channel...

Implementing an Enterprise Solution for MAM with LC-UV-MS

Move from the Desktop environment to a true Enterprise one with the same workflows. Byosphere® brings the capability to create dashboards, provide queries, and get away from cutting and pasting from hen external data repositories.

EU UGM 2022 – Structural Determinants Regulating Viral Spike Glycosylation and Biomolecular Interactions

Weston Strewe explores the structural biophysics of host-pathogen interactions and how glycosylation effects in viral infection

Tackling the Glycan Isomer Challenge for your Biotherapeutics

As minor changes to production processes can influence both glycan structure and composition, glycans must be monitored. However, characterization of N-linked glycosylation is analytically challenging due to innate glycan microheterogeneity.

EU UGM 2023: Annotation of topdown mass spectra of proteins and oligonucleotides

The latest on our Oligo workflows including long digested oligonucleotides - especially mRNAs

EU UGM 2023: Introduction & State of the Union

Byosphere's latest goodies - automation, metadata and dashboards - plus whats coming down the line...

Spotting the Outliers and New Peaks in MAM Runs Automatically

Unified data processing makes it easier to compare data within Dashboards and get the most out of your MAM results with no extra effort or pain

Optimization of a Label-Free Peptide Quantitation Strategy for Analysis of Therapeutic Proteins

Roche’s work underscores the importance of selecting an accurate strategy for PTM analysis, and shows the application of a customized report template and dynamic columns feature to optimize label-free peptide quantitation strategies

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