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Real Time Monitoring of Bioprocess & Beyond – A Process Analytical Perspective

Presented by Bristol Meyers Squibb and Protein Metrics. A roadmap for successful implementation of PAT tools - identification of critical quality attributes and critical control points of the bioprocess for efficient and smarter development.

PTM Analysis – How to Marry Speed and Confidence in R&D

John Reed covers the ins and outs of PTM analysis. He touches on peptide identification and the use of standard curves and weighted averaging of XICs - and a little bit of ice cream.

How to Advance Your Host Cell Protein Analysis with Mass Spectrometry

What problem HCPs should you look for? When to implement MS analysis of HCPs in product development? How to use MS to complement other analytical techniques? Kevin van Cott has the answers...

Driving Efficiency in Pre-Clinical Development with Automated Mass-Spectrometry Analysis

The cell and developability sciences group is tasked with delivering lead manufacturing cell lines. Not only are the volume of request increasing, but so are the novelty and complexity of new molecules to characterize.

Bispecific MS Analysis and Cell Line Development

Unlock the complexities of Bispecific Analysis and immediately share simple to understand visualizations with others? That's exactly what Janssen's cell line development group have done. Come and find out how.

Stanford SUMS Seminar - Connecting LC-MS data analysis with non-MS techniques

In this talk, Dr Carlson reviews recent updates to the Protein Metrics platform and talk about the “next steps” of informing MS-level experiments with information from biology and process, as well as what all mass spectrometrists already proclaim, that we can inform biology in reverse.

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